Q. What types of shoots do you do?

A. I offer a wide range of style in shoots ranging anywhere from: pet portraits, family shoots, glamor shots, maternity and baby, children, nature, engagements, parties and fundraisers, pet adoptions, sports events, beach and pool shoots, and so much more. I can do cosplay, weddings, events, and even things such as your new bike or car. I am very versatile and try not to limit my creative eye to just one thing.

Q. What if I have to cancel my shoot?

A. No problem! I understand life happens, I ask that you please let me know if you have to cancel or reschedule your shoot at least two days in advance. I offer up to two reschedules on your shoot.

Q. When will I receive my photo(s) after shooting?

A. Editing takes time and varies based on the number of photos done during each shoot. Depending on number of photos, it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. Usually less time, but art shouldn't be rushed and I want to provide you with the best quality photos I can.

Q. How will I receive my photos?

A. All photos are emailed directly to you. You are welcome to take them to a printing service or print them at home. Reminder that ALL photos will have my watermark at the bottom for copyright purposes. Hardly visible in photos, but is required so people do not steal my work.

Q. How much do you charge?

A. It varies based on the amount of photos desired and the type of shoot as well as travel distance. Please contact me so I can work out a quote for you!

Q. What days are you available to shoot?

A. I am usually available during the weekends. But am flexible throughout the week.

Q. Can I sell the photos?

A. I ask that each client requests permission from me before trying to sell photos taken by me. If granted permission I will need detailed credit given to me as the artist.

Q. Can I post my photos to Facebook, Instagram etc?

A. Absolutely! Please be sure to give credit or link back to me as the artist.

Q. Can I use my photos in my portfolio for modeling?

A. Sure! Just be sure not to crop out or remove my logo at the bottom of the images.

Q. Do you shoot birthdays or holidays?

A. Yes, birthday parties and events I can shoot. Shoots on holidays will cost more if the day of actual holiday is requested such as Christmas, New Years etc.

Q. I just got a new car, can you photograph it for me?

A. Certainly! I take pictures of cars, bikes, motorcycles, boats, or even a new item you are very proud to have but want it done artistically.

Q. Do you provide props for the shoots?

A. Typically I do not provide props for my shoots, but I will not charge extra if you would like to bring prop(s) of your own. Just please inform me prior to shooting so I can do my best to incorporate that into your shoot!

Q. Do you do weddings?

A. I do! Prices are different for wedding photoshoots and vary depending on how many photos you are wanting and the style of photos. If you are looking for portraits or the entire event with other people as well will need to be stated when request a price quote.

Q. How about proposals/engagements?

A. I sure can. If you're looking to propose to your partner I would be happy to shoot the beautiful moment for you. I can stand by casually as not to draw attention if desired for a more surprised shoot. For a proposal shoot I can arrange a package deal for you with a set price for a set number of photos. (here's a tip, if your partner is female, take her to have her nails done before you propose so it will look pretty in photos for her)

Q. Can I bring more than one outfit to change into for my shoot?

A. Absolutely, just be sure there will be a secure and safe place for you to change as I am not responsible for any lost items during our shoot.

Q. How far do you travel?

A. I am willing to go the distance for your shoot, we will work together on a fair price for travel and compensation.